Gabler Promise
Scholars Program

The Gabler Promise Scholars Program, funded by a generous gift from UCSB Alum Elizabeth Gabler, supports students in the Promise Scholars program with a year of instruction and mentoring in writing.

Class of 2020 Promise Scholars who received the Gabler Scholar Award


sat event

Betty Elings Wells Scholars

Betty recently met three of the twenty Promise Scholars she is funding through her generous gift of $500,000. Jacob Rodriguez, Daisy Bautista, and Lizbet Alvarez did a great job presenting to the Regents on what the Promise Scholars Program has meant to them.



Maxwell Barrueta

Physics major


Maxwell is an incoming first year (2021-2022) student and first annual recipient of the Emeriti Association Scholarship 

Geri Urgel

Biology major


Geri won the 2021 EUREKA! Award to conduct research over the summer with a faculty mentor.

Gabe Desalagne

Econ/Accounting major


Gabe won the National Association of Black Accountants Award and the Ernst and Young Scholarship.

Katherine Swartz

Global Studies major


Katherine spend summer as a journalist with the Sacramento Bee and is off to study abroad in Jordan. 

Omobosola Jimoh

Communications major


Omobosola participated in summer 2021 as an intern with Apple.