Financial Aid

The Promise Scholarship can assist in covering fees for Tuition, Campus Based Fees, Health Care, Room and Board, Books and Supplies, Personal Expenses, Transportation, Telephone/Cell Phone, and Loan fees.

As long as students are enrolled in at least 6 units and in good academic/financial aid standing, one third of all grants and scholarships will automatically transfer to the BARC billing account each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring). 

If grants, scholarships, and accepted loans exceed the amount billed to students on their BARC account, students will receive the difference as a refund 7 days prior to each quarter to purchase books and other education related materials.

Please note that although you need to be in at least 6 units for your financial aid to disburse to BARC, you must be a full-time student (at least 12 units per quarter) in order to prevent getting your aid reduced. 

Yes, when living off campus, students receive a financial aid award letter that awards funds for Rent, Groceries, and Utilities. Please visit the Cost of Attendance section of our website for more information about off-campus budgets. 

Yes, Promise Scholars are eligible to use their scholarship funds to study abroad through UCEAP. If the cost of the program with UCEAP exceeds the cost of attending UCSB the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will adjust your financial aid accordingly. 

The $120,000 and $60,000 award includes the Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI) Grant. Should Promise Scholars opt to waive our of GHI, they would no longer be eligible for the GHI Grant and that funding would not be replaced in additional scholarship funds. To reach the maximum $30,000 award each year, students must remain enrolled in GHI.

More information on the Gaucho Health Insurance Grant.


Promise Scholars should regularly check their university email (google) addresses. Important information, document requests and event invitations will be sent via email.

Scholars should also monitor their My Aid Status which can be accessed from the UCSB Financial Aid homepage. Important documents and deadlines will be posted on that portal. 

We are on the second floor of the Student Affairs and Administration Building in the financial aid office.

Anything on the MCC, EOP, Career Services, ONDAS, Transfer Student Center calendars will count. Additionally, faculty talks, lectures, plays, and any event held on campus that is not fraternity or sorority related, or an assignment for a class, can also count. This includes athletic events. 

Who to Contact

For financial aid emergencies, email the Financial Aid Crisis team:

For general program questions, contact your program director, Holly Roose at this email or phone number: or 805-893-2839.

Contact your Promise Scholar program director with any problems you may encounter while at UCSB. 

Connect with your Promise Scholar org leaders though our Instagram or Facebook page.

Contact your program director, Holly Roose at this email or phone number: or 805-893-2839.

Contact your program director, Holly Roose at this email or phone number: or 805-893-2839.