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Mission Statement 

By guaranteeing our Promise Scholars predictable financial resources, we give them the opportunity to thrive academically and become active, productive participants at a world-class research institution like UC Santa Barbara. The Promise Scholarship promotes the overall success of our Scholars’ educational goals within the campus community.

Judy and Julie


The Promise Scholars program is proud of our alumni, who have gone on to do great things, including attending graduate schools at Harvard, USC, Duke, University of California, Santa Barbara, and many other prestigious institutions. Additionally, Promise Scholars have gone into industries, such as computer engineering, health care, non-profits, and many other successful career starting jobs.

Formerly Incarcerated Promise Scholars

Formerly Incarcerated 

We are excited to bring formerly incarcerated students from the state of California to the Promise Scholars program. Our first formerly incarcerated Promise Scholars, Ryan “Flaco” Rising and Gilbert Murillo, are here to assist future formerly incarcerated Promise Scholars navigate the University and to help us grow this amazing opportunity for some of the state’s most brilliant students.